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From data to biology to clinical edge

Machine learning for data-driven target discovery & drug development


CytoReason’s unmatched proprietary and public data, cutting-edge machine learning technologies, unique biological models and unrivalled analysis delivers:


  • Disease, tissue and drug-related biology

  • Valuable IP in the form of novel targets, indications, combinations and biomarkers

  • Data-driven target discovery and drug development

Only by understanding what human cells are doing in response to a disease, and its treatment, can we really understand how to better impact that disease.

CytoReason’s mission is to simulate the cells that can stimulate discovery of:

New targets for treating disease

New insights to mechanism of actions (both of disease and drugs)

Differences in responses to both disease and treatment

Which diseases a drug can impact

We have developed a unique machine-learning driven approach to “seeing” the cells that can make the difference in patients seeing a better life.

The insights our approach generates, enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to make the right decisions, at the right time, in the drug discovery and development programs that bring better therapies.


Based on cutting edge technologies, trained on data that would normally be impossible to access, and steered by leading biological and data science researchers, our approach is underpinned by three core principles:



Simulating cells stimulating discovery

The immune system is a cell-based system. Gene-based studies can tell us a certain amount, but not the whole story. Our approach has been specifically designed to focus on the cells, and to understand how those immune cells are behaving within a disease, tissue or treatment context – and what the impact of that behavior is.

CytoReason has developed the world’s only machine learning model aimed at re-defining understanding of the immune system and the cells that make it tick. Computationally simulating the cellular environment to stimulate discovery.

Cell-Centered Models

A cell-based system needs cell-centered methods – per disease and per tissue


CytoReason’s platform is based around our “Cell-Centered Models” of cellular activity per disease and per tissue. Built using vast proprietary and public data, they enable us to very rapidly and accurately compare differences with any new data set integrated into the model.


Built on a cellular level: Replicating biology to crack key biological challenges – growing and learning from every data set


Collaboration & Results

Working with leading global pharma and biotech companies and key research institutions, our results help guide R&D decision making. 


Our platform is tried and tested, producing real results with validation

•    Discovered: New cellular players in melanoma microenvironment

•    Discovered: New IL4 mechanism of action in atopic dermatitis

•    Discovered: Novel pre-treatment biomarkers in IBD anti-TNFα therapy

•    Discovered: 355 previously unreported cell/cytokine interactions (view infographic)


Science is the backbone of our methodologies and applications, and must stand the test of scientific scrutiny.  To date we have 17 research papers published in top quality peer-reviewed scientific journals, including five in the past 18 months – 4 of which were published in journals from the Nature group.



About CytoReason

CytoReason was founded in 2016, based on more than a decade of research from Stanford and the Technion. Today we are the largest systems immunology group in the world – and growing fast! Currently we are 26 people, most of whom are PhDs with extensive pharma and biotech experience, and expect to double that over the coming year. We have been revenue generating since inception and have ongoing commercial collaborations with 3 out of the top 10 global pharma companies as well as with leading research institutions.

Our Leadership

David Harel


Yair Benita

Head of Scientific Operations

Prof. Shai Shen-Orr

Chief Scientist

Orit Shaked

Head of Commercial Operations


Media and Resources

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CytoReason is all about asking and answering the right questions. That’s why we encourage our team to be curious, questioning and always digging deeper.

We are building fast and we are looking for great people to join us! If you are excited by the prospect of making real change and saving real lives send us a message and let’s talk.

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