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Cell-Centered Models

A cell-based system needs cell-centered methods

per disease and per tissue

CytoReason’s platform is based around our “Cell-Centered Models” of cellular activity per disease and per tissue. Built using vast proprietary and public data, they enable us to very rapidly and accurately compare differences with any new data set integrated into the model.


Built on a cellular level: Replicating biology to crack key biological challenges – growing and learning from every data set

We apply a multi-pronged technological approach to adjust, refine and compare data, using multiple specifically designed proprietary technologies that enable the:

  • Rebuilding of cellular composition from bulk tissue data

  • Removal of infiltrating cell signals to reveal pure disease-related cell / gene maps

  • Integration of multi-omic data of many different types

  • Contextualization against the body of known evidence

  • Continual statistical learning of the model – growing and enriching with every new data set

The ongoing learning of the model drives ever increasing speed and accuracy providing the insight benefit of access, in a confidential environment, to data that would never normally be attainable.


It also enables us to gain incredibly detailed insights from just single data sets and from smaller data sets such as those often seen in oncology studies


A GPS for the Immune System

CytoReason acts as a kind of Waze for the immune system:

  • Type in your desired destination, add your “local” knowledge (your data) and we will turn it into a unique cell-centered model that we can augment, refine and compare using our disease and tissue models

  • This will result in knowing what is making up the cellular traffic, which direction it’s travelling in, where the issues are, and which pathways might lead us to the destination we want to get to!

PROCESS: Uncovering hidden gems by integrating your data into the CytoReason Cell-Centered model

It is all about a process that replicates biology to answer key biological questions – there are no black boxes and no “trust me, trust my algorithm” moments - everything our team of brilliant biologists and data scientists does and says is based on rigorous biological rationale!


Where do we fit in the discovery & development process?


CytoReason can help answer critical R&D questions from discovery through development and into lifecycle management