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The volume of human molecular data is growing exponentially, but our analytic capabilities are growing linearly, at best. Humans alone cannot process all this data. What’s needed is a technology capable of digesting, organizing and making sense of all data types and sources.

We founded CytoReason in 2016 to address this problem. Our computational disease models are designed to gather impossible amounts of data from countless indications and treatments. They tell you which genes are active, in which cells, within which pathways, and across which diseases, patients, and drugs.

You can then use these insights to prioritize new targets, find biomarkers, profile combinations and much much more. Ever-growing and ever-updating, CytoReason’s disease models simplify complex molecular mechanisms and illegible disease readouts, making them understandable to researchers of all levels, in any organization.

To date, five of the world’s top ten pharma companies use CytoReason’s technology to identify new opportunities, shorten trial phases, reduce development costs, and increase the likelihood of drug approval.


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David Harel
Co-Founder & CEO
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Prof. Shai Shen-Orr
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
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Prof. Yehuda Chowers, MD
Chief Medical Officer
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Adir Katz
Chief Data Scientist
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Matt Levy
Head of Commercial Operations
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Elina Starosvetsky, PhD
Co-Founder & VP Biology
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Elisha Nathan, PhD
VP of Strategic Alliances
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Yael Villa, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
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Oshrat Kfir
VP Product Management
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Ofek Levy
VP of Finance
Michal Katzir
Yoav Aharoni

Science Advisory Board

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JC Gutiérrez-Ramos
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Tom Bumol
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Fabian Theis


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