Exponential growth sees CytoReason add world-class scientific talent to its team – 20 recent new hires make it the largest systems immunology group globally

CytoReason also announces appointment of former Wix executive, Nurit Reder, as first CFO

CytoReason, a global leader in machine learning for drug discovery and development, has recruited major-league talent in response to significant new business wins and to continue to drive its remarkable growth trajectory. Over the past 6 months CytoReason has signed deals with 3 of the top 8 global pharma companies, and in 12 months has more than doubled the size of its team and increased revenues by 1000%.

As a result of that growth CytoReason is delighted to announce, amongst a raft of impressive hires across the business, the addition of:

  • Nurit Reder as CytoReason CFO – this is a critical appointment for CytoReason as it embarks on its next wave of growth and investment. Nurit, is a start-up veteran who was most recently CFO of Glilot Capital Partners and was previously VP of Operations at Wix, helping to oversee the growth of one of Israel’s biggest tech success stories of recent years
  • Prof. Gilad Silberberg is a world-leading expert in Systems Biology and joins CytoReason to lead bioinformatics for CytoReason’s largest collaboration.  Gilad led Bioinformatics and Data Analysis at Sweden’s world-renowned Karolinska Institutet Department of Medicine Rheumatology Unit
  • Dr. Chanan Rubin joins CytoReason to lead strategic product development and innovation. A vastly experienced US National Cancer Institute post-doc fellow, Chanan was Core Technologies Director at Evogene and is a Board Member of the Israeli Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Dr. Eitan Winter joined CytoReason and leads the critical function of Senior Bioinformatician Scientist for major collaborations. Eitan is a former research fellow at Cancer Research UK and holds a DPhil in genomics from Oxford University

“Cutting-edge science is only part of the story – you need hugely talented people to further develop it, apply it and maximize the outcomes. The caliber of people CytoReason is attracting is indicative of the impact we are having – both commercially and scientifically”, said David Harel, CytoReason’s CEO. “We continually push the boundaries of current understanding – finding new ways of impacting drug discovery and development using machine learning approaches that aim to replicate biology. This is reflected in our outstanding publication record, with four ground-breaking papers published by Nature Group journals in the past 12 months alone.”

“CytoReason has incredible data, based on tens of thousands of proprietary and public samples per therapeutic area, and a validated range of specifically designed technologies that are being expanded all the time. This provides incredibly fertile ground from which, on both a personal and professional basis, you can make a greater contribution to drug research and development and the improvement of patient pharma data – a safe haven where drug companies can deposit data into a kind of ‘mutual data fund’ which collectively powers more insights – insights that can mean the difference between success and failure of a drug development program. In this way everyone, and especially patients, benefits from the value that this process can deliver.”