case study

Indication prioritization for a CCR6 inhibitor In collaboration with big pharma

The Challenge:
With a drug in pre-clinical stage, our client was looking for the first indication to go into clinical trials.


The Strategy:
Our “indication prioritization” component of the platform assesses multiple indications against a therapeutic hypothesis and predicts in which indication a given drug is most likely to be relevant. We define different criteria and test them within our pool of disease models. Defining the criteria is a critical step for ensuring simple and clear-cut readouts from the existing data.

For example, in this case the drug was targeting a migration signaling receptor. So, our therapeutic hypothesis stated that indications where the immune infiltrate is driven by this receptor-ligand interaction were most likely to respond to this drug. With multiple tissue-specific disease models we could assess this hypothesis in a comparative manner.

Here’s an illustration of some of the criteria that were used:

The Outcome:

Generated a ranked list of indications, prioritized by their expected relevancy to the drug. Our client embraced this recommendation and launched a clinical trial in the top ranked indication.


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